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Head of School's Welcome,

Adjusters Unlimited Academy, LLC is a Louisiana Department of Insurance registered pre-licensing Insurance course provider (#10285).

Our Instructors don't just teach class, they are "working" Insurance Agents, Insurance Paramedicals, or Insurance Claims Adjusters and they are the best in the business. All of our courses are designed in-house by experience Insurance professionals. Each Instructor has been certified with at least five years of experience teaching as well as extensive experience in the field as claims handlers, adjuster trainers, or sells agents.


​Director of Insurance Education

Insurance Consultation

Our Philosophy

  1. Be a leader in providing insurance education for a highly skilled workforce

  2. Promote an environment which celebrates inclusion, recognizing the valuable and unique contributions diverse people can bring to the AUA community

  3. Actively involve itself in workforce development and community issues

  4. Continuously explore new areas of technology for inclusion in existing programs as industry demand and market conditions dictate

  5. Pursue opportunities for growth and expansion, compatible with the school mission and appropriate to its resources, which address the needs of industry, the community and students

  6. Support a continuous improvement process which assesses and improves the quality of education in terms of content, delivery and student learning

  7. Ensure faculty and staff possess the requisite knowledge, education, experience and motivation to perform their varied roles

  8. Provide student support services necessary to promote persistence from enrollment to employment

  9. Manage resources in an ethical and responsible manner to meet current and future challenges

  10. Foster an environment of high standards in terms of conduct, ethics, and craftsmanship, not only for students, but for all members of the AUA family

  11. Treat all members of the AUA community — students, employees, financial supporters, employers and visitors — with dignity and respect by conducting business in a professional and responsible manner

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To have a positive impact on our communities by:

  • Equipping leaders with economic tools and resources,

  • Building consensus to achieve community goals, and 

  • Bringing AUA resources and communities together.


At AUA we envision our communities with robust economics, a flourishing quality of life, and diverse and engaged citizen leaders.

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