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Louisiana Alert 


Attention Louisiana Adjuster applicants:

Effective immediately, the Louisiana Department of Insurance (LDI) will require all Texas residents who are applying for a nonresident Claims Adjuster license in Louisiana to supply a copy of their Texas issued driver’s license to confirm Texas residency.  LDI has received a significant number of nonresident Claims Adjuster applications from individuals who have been issued a Texas resident license based on the use of Texas address who have a primary residence established in another state that issues Adjuster licenses. Such individuals would only be eligible to apply for a nonresident license in Louisiana if they were licensed as a resident Adjuster in that actual state of residence.

LDI has determined that a Texas-issued driver’s license will be the accepted documentation to verify Texas residency and eligibility to apply for a Louisiana nonresident Claims Adjuster license based on reciprocity with a Texas resident Adjuster license.  Applicants may provide a copy of their driver’s license by uploading to the NIPR Attachment Warehouse or by emailing a copy to  The email should include the applicant’s name and NIPR transaction number in the subject line of the email. 

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